Dreaming about Africa


I’d love to start our “fashion” journey  making you visit one of my favorite continents, one that I’d love to visit and, at least until now, I have never been able to go to but maybe one day …. Allow me to dream, please!

Apart from having gorgeous sunsets, wonderful animals and having heard about “Africa sickness” – who doesn’t remember  Karen Blixen’s “Out of Africa”? – there are some adjectives in particular that remind me of Africa: wild and gorgeous, brown and hot, generous and full of contrasts!

So, close your eyes and tour with me this charming land.


Let’s admire together its wilderness, its beauty and its hotness…..  Do you see that mom elephant with its little elephant? And what to say about that giraffe eating leaves from that tall tree? Let’s imagine to be at the sunset and have a ride on the giraffe! Wow!! Now let’s meet some natives: they will charm you with their generosity and their simplicity. Soon you will notice that you can find these  characteristics everywhere, from nature to people.


I whistle and old Italian song “I wish I had black skin….. ” and magically I found I am a part of that gorgeous land thanks to:

  • Amarelo Manga: Safari – Chic dress
  • C&S: Extreme wild Shoes
  • E-motions: Kaluha set (jewels)
  • E-motions: hair Anya (red pack)
  • O4S: February gift group – Age of Aquarius Make up 1
  • Alaska Metro: Lipstick creme Brown Nude

Unluckily even the nicest dreams must come to an end and it’s time to stop dreaming, to open our eyes and dive back into our everyday reality. But don’t worry! Fantasy will rescue us every time we need it and will take us to the next stop of our journey into the world of fashion.

See you soon!


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