My fairy tale: the lesson of the Unicorn

fairyOnce upon a time, long long ago, in a far off land, there was a young and unexperienced fairy who seemed to be skilled just in creating mess. As the other fairies tried avoiding her because of her inability to use her magic wand, the young fairy had no friends and she suffered a lot about it. One day she decided to leave her village and went into the forest where she wandered for some days until she arrived to a source of clear water. She sat near a tree and felt asleep until she heard someone whispering her name, more than once. She opened her eyes and, for the first time in her life, she saw a terrific unicorn! He went on repeating her name so she went near him “How do you know my name?” she asked “I’m a magic animal, the king of Unicorns and I know everything” he replied “And my name is Wild Wind” he smiled “and yes, you can caress me” “Can you read my thoughts?” “I can read the thoughts and the heart of people and animals. Now, trust me and ride away with me” “Where?” “I just said you must trust me” “Ok, I will” “My lil fairy, I have an enourmous magic power and I heard your pain, so I read your heart and saw how much you do suffer to be that clumsy and alone, with no friends” “You are the first who treats me like an ordinary person” she whispered while she blushed. Wild Wind neighed “I have a proposal for you and, if you accept it, I will give you whatever you desire” “May I know your proposal?” “I will take you to my magic castle, if you work there for seven years without help and without complaining, I will give you whatever you desire”. She thought she might become skilled in magic and have lots of friends so, as she was tired to be alone, she accepted it immediately.

castleThey rode for several days until they arrived to a splendid diamond castle “This is my little nest” said Wild Wind “Today you can rest but tomorrow at dawn you must be in the royal kitchen where someone will tell you what to do”.The following day, at dawn, she was in the royal kitchen where an old nanny waited for her “This is your to do list, you can only stop at the sunset”. She was given the most ungrateful duties but she worked hard without complaining. After a year of hard work, the other servants were all her friends and this made her really happy, and helped her to endure all the hardships and humiliation she received from the King’s stepmother.

At the end of the seventh year, Wild Wind called for her and she was admitted in the throne room where he sat on his terrific gold throne. “Today our pact ends, seven years passed” he said “Will I have my reward?” she whispered “Of course, what you desire as a reward?” At first she looked very confused. She had always thought she wanted to improve her magic powers and have lots of friends but ….. She thought of how many times she had to clean the magic lab and how many lessons on magic she could listen to while swepting it; she thought of the kindness of all the other servants and she understood she already had lots of friends…. In the end she said “I don’t want anything, I already have what I want” The Unicorn smiled at her “Exactly. You already had all inside of you, but you had to understand it by yourself” “You are right, his majesty” “You had only to trust yourself more” Wild Wind said “Now, mount on my saddle. It’s time to bring you back home”.



Suddenly I open my eyes and I see I am in my bedroom again but I am dressed exactly like the lil fairy of my dream:

  • Skin by O4S: December gift – Guardian Angel
  • Hair by E-motions: Sunburst Violet
  • Skirt by Wicca’s Wardrobe: Aerenys skirt Green
  • Top by Wicca’s Wardrobe: Sibyll Top Royal Green
  • Boots by Wicca’s Wardrobe: Inara Boots black / silver
  • Mask by Wicca’s Wardrobe: Valaria Mask
  • Jewels by Finesmith: Botanic Cherry
  • Wings by Faeline: Fairy wings Misaki (Pink)

I smile because me too, I understand the Unicorn’s lesson: if I will trust myself and my skills and I will open my heart to others, I will live happily ever after, like the lil fairy.    And this is the End of the second stop of our journey.



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